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Solo Project – Two Ton Message

Atlanta, GA, January 24, 2017:  MosesMo, guitarist and original founding member of the legendary funk rock group Mothers Finest from Atlanta, GA, has a new solo project, written, recorded, and produced in his home studio, entitled TWO TON MESSAGE.  Gary “MosesMo” Moore was born and raised in Kettering, Ohio.  At the age of 17, just days after graduating from high school, he enlisted into the music industry by becoming the lead & rhythm guitarist for a rock & roll group that would become known as Mothers Finest.  The group included Joyce “Baby Jean” Kennedy and Glenn “Doc” Murdock of Chicago, they would add Jerry “Wyzard” Seay when they got to Miami, FL.  These 4 would form the core and the foundation for the FUNK ROCK music that they would create together, forming a NEW genre for themselves.  Keys by Michael Keck and drums by BB Borden, would be added before releasing their 1st release on CBS/Epic records.  Having many records to list on his resume, it was time for Mo to venture out as a solo artist and pursue his desire as a songwriter and producer. 

Over many years, MosesMo has created a signature sound that is uniquely his own, it is  distinctive of the funk rock sound that was forged by the group Mothers Finest and himself.  His “RED” MusicMan Sabre II that he’s hot rodded to suit his style of playing, has a definitive sound and tone all of its own and has garnered a “Rock Star” status itself.  The solo releases became an opportunity to work with many local, regional and national talent for the recording of his projects.  He was able to work with many old friends that he had always wanted to work with but never had the opportunity, like Kenny Soule (drummer for Nantucket, DAG, and Walter Trout), Kerry Denton (previous drummer for Mothers Finest), Sean O’Rourke (previous drummer for Sugarland), Joey Williams (previous drummer for Mothers Finest, Justin Bieber, BoysToMen), Martin Huch (lap steel guitar Heinz Rudolf Kunze, Monica Rydell, Tom Petty) and made a few new friends with Ivan “Funkboy” Bodley (bass player, Sam Moore), Gabe Frankel (drummer Filthy Rebel), and ZeroBasement (rap artist, Chapter13).

The music features the bluesy, hard rocking and funky rhythms of MosesMo on guitar and vocals, a wide variety of professional drummers from country, jazz, rock and soulful R&B backgrounds and one of the funkiest, rockin’ bass players ever from Chattanooga, TN.   The vocal spice comes from female vocalist T-Rocker on background vocals and from her rap artist husband, Zero Basement adding the lyrical raps over the melodies of the song.   MosesMo formed a band with local artists Mikey Long on bass, Kerry Denton on drums, and Zero Basement for performing songs from TWO TON MESSAGE, a previously released project CARTOON YOU, and songs from his career with Mothers Finest and others like, Illusion(USA), Steve Marriott, Carl Carlton (Peter Maffey), Robert Palmer, Ian McLagan, Zack Alford, Levon Helms and Bobby Keys of the Rolling Stones. The group is currently booking venues and festivals alongside their performances with the other artists they continue to work with in the metro Atlanta area.  It is a complex situation, as human beings are, the group is a multifaceted and multitalented group that continues to explore their most far reaching musical desires.  Together, Moses, Mikey, Kerry and Zero produced a new, entirely unique sound that many will be groovin’ and dancing to soon.

Robert, from Project Metal Music says, “"I would describe 2 Ton Message as a MF meets Linkin Park, although that doesn’t quite do them the honor they deserve for this musical artwork."

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