Cartoon You

by Moses Mo

Released 2002
Hed Rhythm Records
Released 2002
Hed Rhythm Records
First Solo Album from lead guitarist of Mother's Finest, artistically indulgent attempt to express myself through music. Guitar orientated, melodic, rhythm and blues that rock.
it took about six months to write and record this album with the exception of two songs 'Highway Child' and "Nowhere", which were written a long time ago (don't like to think back that far). if i started now and typed for two hours I would probably forget someone because there are so many people that have influenced me, but - that said - here goes . . . Many talented artists performed on this record, Kerry Denton (Drums), Caroline Aiken (vocals), jamie Russell (Harp), Mark Hogan (Bass), John Kovach (keys, cello, synthesizer, strings), Carl Carlton (slide guitar), Harold Seay (percussion), Steve Stone (Mandolin), Glenn Murdock and Joyce Kennedy (Harm vocals), Wyzard (Bass), Andrew Black (scat vocals, harm vocals), Johnnita Johnson (vocals), Eric Frampton (keys), Bertram Engel (drums). Big Thanks to all who made this possible, including Terra, Brianne, India, Tomi rocker, Cameron, Rebecca Mohr, John Kovach, Butch Weaver, Rick Gerling, Lewis Varnedo, and my loving mother, who gave me everything, Juanita Moore.

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