Two Ton Message

by Moses Mo

Released 2015
Hed Rhythm Records, Inc.
Released 2015
Hed Rhythm Records, Inc.
All original songs that fuses a bluesy rock guitar, a funky bass, and hardrock drums with a splash of rap rock and neosoul vocals.
Two Ton Message is the NEW solo project of the guitarist and founding member of the legendary funk rock group Mother's Finest, Moses Mo. Digging deep and taking his time, searching for new rhythms and sounds, Moses has delivered his 2nd solo project.

Several outstanding drummers offered tracks for the songs, Sean O'Rourke (Sugarland) - Come On Over, Gabe Frankle - Girlfriend, Kevin Wyglad (Percussion) - Tears Of Stone, and Kerry Denton (Mother's Finest, and all drum tracks on CARTOON YOU) - Soul Wrecker but Moses says he really LOCKED IN with drummer Kenny Soule (Nantucket, DAG, Walter Trout), Kenny provided the drum tracks and vocals throughout the rest of the album.

As with Moses Mo's previous album, he continued to write, record, and produce his own original songs playing all the instruments and doing all the vocals. As Moses and Kenny began the process of combining all the tracks recorded, Kenny asked if he would consider having a friend of his record some of the bass tracks, he did and what he received was beyond his expectations! He asked Ivan Bodley if he would be interested in recording bass tracks on a few songs, before long, Ivan had become THE bass player for TWO TON MESSAGE. Moses says, the most amazing part of the whole process, was that the entire album was created with players from around the world, living in various cities, contributing tracks to the album by using file sharing on the internet.

Some of the songs would need a little something something. Other talented artists who contributed tracks were Zero Basement, a lyrically talented rap artist, who can write stories within stories, his tasteful rhythmic raps can be heard on Flyin Machine, All The Time, and Can't Have Nothin; Kevin Wyglad, a multi-talented artist added percussion to Tears Of Stone; Claude Leek added the rhythm guitar on All The Time; Martin Huch, a fantastic lap steel player from Germany add his talents to Come On Over; and the sweet, angelic voice of T-Rocker was added to the chorus of Can't Have Nothin'.

Once all the tracks were complete, it was time for the polishing, the tracks needed to be engineered by a FRESH set of ears. Most of the songs were engineered by TJ Elias but as time went on and schedules began to conflict, engineer and producer extraordinaire Jeff Tomei was asked if he would be interested in completing the final songs that needed to be added to the album. Fortunately, he said yes to working on the tracks between projects and the work was outstanding!

The final process was getting all the songs into one complete sound recording and the legendary engineer Rodney Mills (ARS) applied his skills to the mastering of the songs for TWO TON MESSAGE. The final product is now ready for release to the listening public. The smile on Moses face says it all and he's hoping the music does the same for you.

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