Two Ton Message EP

by Moses Mo

Released 2015
Hed Rhythm Records, Inc.
Released 2015
Hed Rhythm Records, Inc.
An EP of ALL original songs created by the original and founding member of the legendary Funk Rock group Mothers Finest, who fuses funked up rock with rhythm and blues to create an infectious sound with lyrically intriguing tales of love and life.
This is the first release of NEW songs since my debut solo project CARTOON YOU. These songs were created over a longer period of time and are quite different from my debut project. I wrote and recorded songs on a daily basis, learned more about recording in my home studio, listened and recorded more trying to achieve the BEST songs I could possibly write. Still don't think I've done that yet but I had begun to realize that somewhere in the CHAOS there must be order and meaning. I then began to group and compile the songs that felt like they were somehow related.

These are the songs that made the cut, this is the first product released as an EP, the complete project of 11 songs will be released next as a full album. Many different and highly talented drummers were involved in my search for the rhythm tracks that would inspire me to play my very best parts on guitar. In the end, it was Kenny Soule and his style of playing that motivated and elevated me to a place where I could envision the songs as I heard them in my head. Only Joey William's drum tracks made it to this EP on Can't Have Nothin'. Originally, I was playing bass on all the songs when Kenny introduced me to Ivan Bodley, I sent him some of the tracks that had been recorded already and he created bass lines from FUNKIN HEAVEN! His ability to fill in the groove was AMAZING! He's on every song, he's badass!

It all started to come together and I decided to create an Indiegogo Project to help raise the funds to complete the production of TWO TON MESSAGE. We needed videos for promotion, so we began to record ourselves performing our parts from the songs, kinda like rehearsing, and then, I would take the individually recorded parts and create an iMovie, then, drop the session into ProTools and added the audio tracks they had recorded. No big deal but we all live in different parts of the country! We call them Smartphone Sessions and you can view them on my YouTube Channel - TheMosesMo. And the point of the story is . . . I created this entire project and I had never even met the bass player. Another reason why this project is so AWESOME!

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